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(TV) See No Evil w/ Minutemen

Wow.  I saw that tour - the show in St.Petersburg, FL - no 'Evil' when I saw 

from :  http://members.iinet.net.au/~darryl74/1985.html
13 December 1985 - Park Center, Charlotte, NC 
support: The Minutemen 
set:Feeling Gravitys Pull / Harborcoat / Pills / Maps And Legends / Sitting 
Still / Fall On Me / Green Grow The Rushes / Hyena / So. Central Rain / Swan 
Swan H / Ghost Riders In The Sky / Can't Get There From Here / Seven Chinese 
Brothers / Dream (All I Have To Do Is) / Auctioneer (Another Engine) / Old Man 
Kensey / Gardening At Night / 9-9 / Pretty Persuasion / Little America 
encore 1: Second Guessing / Time After Time (Annelise) / See No Evil (w/The 
encore 2: Just A Touch / Driver 8 / Life And How To Live It 
notes: The final show by The Minutmen before D.Boon was tragically killed in a 
car accident

It appears that they 'sorta' played "See No Evil' together only once before 
that, on Dec 8th.

- H.
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