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(TV) OT: Tech Q

With almost all my commercial cds, when I put them into my PC's D: drive (i.e., its tray) and
then click my mouse on 'D' to 'Open' I can see the music files themselves listed, e.g.,
Track01.cda, Track 02.cda , etc.  Then using a File Converter application I can convert these
cda files to Wav files , and then burn them to make a copy(ies) of the original commercial cd.
However, I bought several of Bowie's commercial cds that were remastered in 1999 (e.g., "Low"),
and they are "Enhanced cds".  I.e.:  "Sometimes referred to as CD Extra, an 'Enhanced CD' is a
CD that contains an audio portion as well as a data portion. It plays like a regular audio disc
in an audio CD player. When you put it in your computer, it displays pictures, literatures or
videos, anything that you have designed it to do."
However, when I put the Enhanced cd of "Low" in my D: drive's tray and then click on 'Open' , I
see several folders, sub-folders and files BUT NO sign of the cda-file-extension music files
themselves.  (The enhanced cd plays fine on my cd-player and PC.)
Is there a way to 'trick' the enhanced cd into explicitly displaying the cda music files
themselves so that I can convert them to wav files?
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