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(TV) Re: Important Correction from Richard Lloyd/Torn Curtain live

Hey all,

I was browsing through the archives when I hit on this super interesting post
which had a letter in it to Leo from Richard Lloyd.  It was Richard telling
the correct story of how the cover pic of MM was chosen.  That is so cool to
read that and so very nice of Richard to take the time to write out the full
details and all.  And very good of Leo to ask him about it.  It really makes a
great story.  I wonder if he's still working on him memoirs...

And I asked earlier about live versions of Torn Curtain and so far I see it
was played quite a few times in '76 but I don't see any live recordings of it
past that time...but there could be.

Thanks everyone for this being such a good source of info.

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