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Re: (TV) Re: 'Hypno-eye'

What a wonderful set of associations, Joe. (Spiral galaxies - exactly!) And so 
in tune with Tom's lyrics and obsessions. I especially like the James Bond 
image, given Tom's fondness for spy themes, both musical and lyrical. Assuming 
Tom had some role in choosing the image, he may have liked it for all the 
reasons, even if unconsciously (to engage in some cheap and unprovable [prove 
it!] psychological speculation).

- Jesse

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> Jesse Hochstadt <jesseh58@yahoo.com> wrote:
> > I  never thought of a Hypno-coin. The MM back cover was always suggestive to 
> > of a time-lapse photograph of stars swirling around a fixed star in the  
> > Can't you get that with the North Star, astronomer Joe Hartley? 
> If you point a camera at the celestial north pole (just -> <-  this
> far away from the north star) and open the camera for a very long  exposure,
> you indeed get star trails:
>     http://apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap961201.html
> The back cover also resembles  some spiral galaxies, like M81 in the Big  
> http://geology.com/nasa/nasa-universe-pictures.shtml
> But it  also resembles rifling in a gun barrel, like you see at the start
> of James  Bond  movies:
> http://physics.info/rotational-kinematics/rifle-bond.jpg
> I  also see how it could be a moon reflected in a  puddle:
> http://www.123rf.com/photo_5384676_water-puddles-on-a-dark-night.html
> I'm  not necessarily inclined to take anything Tom says in an interview
> as hard  truth.  I can see him saying stuff that just pops into his head
> to make  things more interesting.
> I wonder if we can track down Billy Lobo, who  did the back cover, and get
> his take on this.
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