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Re: (TV) Re: Question >> nevermind guitars, i want a box set

the question i've been wondering about is whether TV will ever get a proper
box set.
big star got a great box a couple of years back.  both bands had a similar
recording history -- both put out two albums in their prime, and then issued a
"third" from semi-retirement.  both have "huge cult followings" (we are huge,
aren't we?).
come to think of it, the stooges also recorded just three albums -- and there
has been no end to stooges box sets.  i know, because i own practically all of
seems like a job for rhino / rhino handmade.  surely the success of the
limited edition CD version of LATOW, and the success of the recent vinyl
version, speak to some demand.  i think a box set limited to, say, 3000
copies, could be a real success.
besides studio outtakes, we know plenty of decent live recordings exist.  and
imagine all the songs they have played live but never recorded (such as the
near-miss semi-epic "kingdom come" and their many fabulous covers).

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