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(TV) New Tracks - Omoiyari For Japan

Well that was quick! The Omoiyari For Japan CD arrived today - very nice 
little package, complete with badge!

So the details of the new songs as follows:

Television: /Mistakes/
Credited to Verlaine, Smith, Ficca, Rip
Produced by Televison
(p) 2011 Television
Time: 2.50

Only a couple of listens but opens with a cymbal flourish, before moving 
into a languid, impressionistic, instrumental. Great jazzy drum work 
from Billy (more like Ed Blackwell)  and very clean, dry, guitars from 
Tom/Jimmy whilst Fred anchors down some very subtle bottom end.  Quite 
beautiful. Hopefully a morsel of more to come.

Tom Verlaine /Leaves/
Tom Verlaine
Produced by Patrick Derivaz
Tom - Voice and Guitar
Patrick - Bass
Time: 4.11
(p) 2011 Tom Verlaine.

Built over a repeating bass line (sounds like a double bass) another 
mostly instrumental piece with some quite lovely guitar.  Wouldn't be 
out of place on /Around/Warm & Cool/.  There are a couple of spoken word 
haiku-esque parts whilst the delivery reminded me a bit of Scientist 
Writes a Letter. These are the words:

the day is long
the day is long...so
the night is brief

cherry blossom time
cool breeze on the pond
we just say origato.

Richard's track is /Glurp/ from Radiant Monkey and Jimmy has a track 
which showcases his guitar talents but is a bit too JJ Caleish for me.

Haven't listened to any of the other tracks yet. People behind the whole 
project are Tetsuya Nakatani, Izumi Maki and Yosuke Ishi from Vinyl 
Japan. From a google search looks like Nakatani promoted Tom and Jimmy's 
Japanese gigs last year.

Cheers all

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