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Re: (TV) New Tracks - Omoiyari For Japan

That is really encouraging!

On Tue, May 24, 2011 at 3:09 PM, Graham Urquhart
<gurquhart@madasafish.com> wrote:
> Well that was quick! The Omoiyari For Japan CD arrived today - very nice
> little package, complete with badge!
> So the details of the new songs as follows:
> Television: /Mistakes/
> Credited to Verlaine, Smith, Ficca, Rip
> Produced by Televison
> (p) 2011 Television
> Time: 2.50
> Only a couple of listens but opens with a cymbal flourish, before moving
> into a languid, impressionistic, instrumental. Great jazzy drum work
> from Billy (more like Ed Blackwell)  and very clean, dry, guitars from
> Tom/Jimmy whilst Fred anchors down some very subtle bottom end.  Quite
> beautiful. Hopefully a morsel of more to come.
> Tom Verlaine /Leaves/
> Tom Verlaine
> Produced by Patrick Derivaz
> Tom - Voice and Guitar
> Patrick - Bass
> Time: 4.11
> (p) 2011 Tom Verlaine.
> Built over a repeating bass line (sounds like a double bass) another
> mostly instrumental piece with some quite lovely guitar.  Wouldn't be
> out of place on /Around/Warm & Cool/.  There are a couple of spoken word
> haiku-esque parts whilst the delivery reminded me a bit of Scientist
> Writes a Letter. These are the words:
> the day is long
> the day is long...so
> the night is brief
> cherry blossom time
> cool breeze on the pond
> we just say origato.
> Richard's track is /Glurp/ from Radiant Monkey and Jimmy has a track
> which showcases his guitar talents but is a bit too JJ Caleish for me.
> Haven't listened to any of the other tracks yet. People behind the whole
> project are Tetsuya Nakatani, Izumi Maki and Yosuke Ishi from Vinyl
> Japan. From a google search looks like Nakatani promoted Tom and Jimmy's
> Japanese gigs last year.
> Cheers all
> Graham
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