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Re: (TV) old interview w/ Tom

On Fri, 29 Mar 2013 07:58:57 -0700 (PDT)
postitnote <postitnote@sbcglobal.net> wrote:

> Hey, while looking for sthg else I came across this old interview w/ Tom and I hadn't seen it before and thought maybe others might enjoy it too.  
> http://articles.mcall.com/1992-11-28/entertainment/2884609_1_tom-verlaine-cbgb-lee-harvey-oswald

I hadn't seen this before, but I think it gives us an example of Tom's
penchant for screwing with interviewers.  It's got this line:
"But the 40-ish Verlaine (a.k.a. Rrose Selavy) really has no interest in
setting the record straight..."

Wha...?  Rrose Selavy?  That's a pseudonym of Marcel Duchamp.  Where else
does this turn up?

http://www.thewonder.co.uk/isler.htm has this from Musician magazine:
"I gotta tell ya," Verlaine (real name Rrose Selavy) laughs about 
Televisionbs reunion..."
(It was also serialized on this list in 2002 thanks to Leo)

I think that Tom fed the interviewers who did not do their research this
to screw with their heads.  It is consistent with this line further down
in the Valania interview: "I'm just trying to get away from the past, all 
these people writing books about punk and (New York City club) CBGB asking
questions about things I can't even remember anymore, so I just make things

Given that, you'd think the interviewer would do some fact checking and
not rely on Tom's information!

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