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Re: (TV) old interview w/ Tom

Now, after reading Joe's post re. the Tom interv., it makes me wonder too if
Tom wasn't just making up the claim he wanted to change the band's name for
the third album. 
Somehow, it doesn't sound too plausible they'd want to
reform the band, only to disguise the fact by renaming it.
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interview w/ Tom
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> Hey, while looking for sthg else I came
across this old interview w/ Tom and I hadn't seen it before and thought maybe
others might enjoy it too.  

I hadn't seen this before, but I think it gives us an
example of Tom's
penchant for screwing with interviewers.  It's got this line:
"But the 40-ish Verlaine (a.k.a. Rrose Selavy) really has no interest in
setting the record straight..."

Wha...?  Rrose Selavy?  That's a pseudonym of
Marcel Duchamp.  Where else
does this turn up?
http://www.thewonder.co.uk/isler.htm has this from Musician magazine:
"I gotta
tell ya," Verlaine (real name Rrose Selavy) laughs about 
(It was also serialized on this list in 2002 thanks to Leo)

think that Tom fed the interviewers who did not do their research this
screw with their heads.  It is consistent with this line further down
in the
Valania interview: "I'm just trying to get away from the past, all 
people writing books about punk and (New York City club) CBGB asking
about things I can't even remember anymore, so I just make things

that, you'd think the interviewer would do some fact checking and
not rely on
Tom's information!

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