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Re: (TV) old interview w/ Tom

On Fri, 29 Mar 2013 11:20:29 -0700 (PDT)
Bob Beatty <bobjb2002@yahoo.ca> wrote:
> I enjoyed the part  re. who different
> people thought  Mr. Lee  in "Calling Mr. Lee" was, & what Tom says it actually
> refers to.

I've always had the whole Chinatown spy intrigue picture in my head for
Mr Lee.  I simply don't know what happens in someone's head that wants to
tie it to Oswald.  I can understand someone, especially a non-native
English speaker, getting "Call Miss Dali" from the song as Tom drops the
"r" in Mister, giving us "Call Mistah Lee", but it doesn't really fit with
the rest of the lyrics, and the title is right there on the cover!

I think people want to make some things more mysterious than they are,
even when they're mysterious to begin with.

Maybe I just have a knack for picking up the artist's intentions.
There's a Cale/Eno song called Cordoba on Wrong Way Up, and I'd always
pictured a tranquil little town ripped apart by a bomb on a bus, and
then I'd learned that Eno had gotten the lyrics from a Spanish lesson
book, and I thought "Oh well, Ive clearly read too much into this."
Later I read an interview that he'd read the bomb thing into the lyrics
as well and was trying to convey that in the music!

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