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Re: (TV) Ivan Julian benefit at City Winery

I haven't talked to Ivan since we worked on my CD together, but from what I hear the prognosis on the cancer is good but his insurance is lacking and he hasn't been able to work for awhile so he is in poor health healthcare wise. The latest record by his group the Fauntleroys with Alejandro Escovedo, are donating everything made on their new record to Ivan. Here is the link


Thanks to your generous response and suggestion, there is now a DONATION BUTTON NOW AVAILABLE. You can purchase the single, make a donation or both in two clicks. Ivan has a long road ahead and we're just getting started, but it's a great start. Please keep spreading the word and the love:


I got a ticket for the City Winery show, but there were very few left and selling quickly.

This just came through in an email from City Winery - thought some of you w
ould be interested: http://www.citywinery.com/newyork/heart-on-fire-concert

In short, Ivan Julian has cancer (some of you - Dennis? - no doubt know mor
e about this than I do), and there's going to be a benefit show May 4 at th
e City Winery in NY. From the web page: "Performers include: Debbie Harry,
Ivan’s long-time friend and bandmate in The Voidoids, Richard Hell;
Vernon Reid & Burnt Sugar, Ian Hunter, Lenny Kaye (Patti Smith Group) THE
DICTATORS NYC, Garland Jeffreys, Willie Nile, The Bush Tetras, Richard
Barone and special guests including the house band: James Mastro & Nichola
s Tremulis (guitar), Tony Shanahan (Patti Smith Group, bass) Fred Smith (ba
ss), Vinny DeNunzio (percussion) Al Maddy (keyboards, guitar) Steve Go
ulding (drums)."
I've been doing a lousy job of keeping up with this group for a while - hop
e you all are well!

- Jesse

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