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(TV) Re: wire

Scott wrote:
Wire's "Pink Flag". Where the hell
was I when this album came out? It passed me by completely. This album/band
is completely innovative in terms of song structure, guitar attack, lyrical
phrasing and content, everything. As arresting an album, in some ways , as
"Marquee Moon". Anyone else agree?

Funny i was gonna bring this up at some stage..i think Wire are perhaps the
closest band in spirit to TV this side of the Atlantic-though never as
proficient as Tom and co. and definitely lacking the warmth /
humour / Zen heartbeat of Verlaine's lyricism they were nevertheless as
adventurous in their
approach to song structure and imaginative use of the guitar ..my fave is
actually "Chairs missing".
The band I used to be in even covered "Mannequin" for a while-great

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