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Re: (TV) Re: wire

I've got the first three Wire albums on vinyl (plus a couple of the reunion discs) and I find it hard to pick a favorite--it's almost like they're by three different bands. An old band of mine used to cover "12XU" from _Pink Flag_ and "Lorries" from Colin Newman's _Not to_. Each album has some amazing songs--"Map Ref" has been a favorite of mine, too, along with "3 Girl Rhumba," "Outdoor Miner," "Another the Letter"...

Oh, and I've got _Document and Eyewitness_ which, in addition to the post-Dada performance absurdity (which I like), has some kickin' performances. "Our Swimmer" comes to mind. It does seem like the band lost something after the first reunion, though, as did Newman after _Commercial Suicide_, which for me is a near-perfect album. I do like the story of them hiring a tribute band, The Ex-Lion Tamers, to open for them on their reunion tour. The opening band covered the entirety of _Pink Flag_, stopping only to say "Side Two" before the side two songs....

Somewhere on the Web is a set of producer Mike Thorne's reminiscences of working with the band at his label http://www.stereosociety.com/ Check out http://www.stereosociety.com/thorne.html


At 11:20 AM +0000 1/4/00, Jeremy Smith wrote:
I really love the album 154 - especially the single Map Reference ??%%??.
For some reason, I am connecting it to Words from the Front. It's certainly
more laid back than their first two albums.

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