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Re: (TV) Recent acquisitions


Can't think of the exact Clash song at the moment but they were living
and rehearsing in Camden Town (the very same) before the first wonderful
album. The cover of that album was shot in Camden Town - in fact, in the
very market area that we've been talking about.

My God, it was all such a long time ago...!


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>Am I fishing, or isin't "Camden Town" a lyric in a Clash song?  If so, is
>this the place they're referring to?
>Can't think of the song off the top of my head.
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>Camden is an excellent place, probably the best in London for unofficial
>recordings. I managed to get a copy of "Interference" on vinyl a year or
>so there. A word of warning though to anyone thinking of trying their
>luck - be careful how you approach people as they have had one or two
>police swoops there in the past few years and people are,
>understandably, suspicious.
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>>On 5 Jan 00, at 9:15, Jeremy Smith wrote:
>>> Out of interest, where did you pick up the bootlegs from. I've always
>>> bought my TV stuff from Subterranean in NY - it would be good to find a
>>> source.
>>I picked them up in Camden Town, London.
>>If you go to the market which is on the opposite side of the road to 
>>Dingwalls Market (same side as Compendium Books, I think it's 
>>Lock Market), go down the entrance passage, turn left at the cafe, 
>>go straight on, right to the back of the covered section, you'll find a 
>>large stall selling books, records and CDs. Look for the photos of 
>>the owner with Keef and Ronnie. Ask (politely) there. They will be 
>>forewarned that hordes of Verlaine/Television fans may be 
>>descending on them.
>>And if anyone from the BPI, RIAA or IPFI is listening in - screw you!
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