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Re: (TV) office space

>Office Space is a great movie, the consultants are eerily real, as g
>grant said...I also like how in the movie one guy was sacked five years
>ago, but no-one had the heart to tell him, so he still comes to work
>every day, and wonders where his stapler has gotten to. The cast
>includes a couple of members of MAD TV, which I though was a hilarious
>To tie in with a couple of other threads...The GoBetweens loved
>Television. When they were starting out in the late seventies in
>Brisbane, they were heavily influenced by the New York bands, especially
>Talking Heads and Television.
>Happy Birthday Elvis. He turns 65 today - 8 January. A cause for

    Speaking of Elvis, Tom Verlaine once and actually only once did an off
cuff version of "Burning Love" in NYC. I can't remember if it was in '84 or
No one I know has a tape of this particular performance. I can get every
show but not this one. Does anyone out there have a tape of Tom doing this?
recently asked him about it and that's when he told me that he only did it
the one
time so I wouldn't even bother looking at other tapes from that same tour.
As I
remember it was a pretty Rockin' version. I'll trade any of my obscurist
to get a tape of this. Thanks. M T C 

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