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Re: (TV) Go Betweens

Hi all

For those on the list who do not know - The Go-Betweens were an Australian
band (formed in Brisbane in late 70"s).  They started as a three piece,
gradually expanding as the years went on.  I am biased but they were one of
the greatest bands of the eighties.

Living in Sydney, not only did I have the fortune of seeing Foster and
McLennan recently perform a show as an acoustic duo to support the recent
release of the best of "Bella Vista Terrace", I also had the pleasure of
seeing the Go-Betweens perform quite regularly throughout the eighties.
Through much of the early to mid eighties they were based in London and very
rarely performed in Australia.  They returned to Australia in about 1986 and
were based here for the last years of their life.  Their live shows were
always special events.  They were never commercially successful but their
albums were consistently good and the songwriting was always the strong
point and focus of the band.

Their 1982 album "Before Hollywood" is a gem and contains many wonderful
songs - including Cattle and Cane which some of you may be aware of.  On
this album, they were three piece and the songs and rhythms sound a little
like early Talking Heads.

Their 1984 album "Spring Hill Fair" is one of my two personal favourites.
By now they are four piece and songs are becoming the lush pop they are best
known for.  It has some of their best tracks including Bachelor Kisses, You
Never Lived and Draining the Pool for You.  It was released in many
countries on Sire Records.  They went to Sire because of their liking for
the early CBGBS bands including Television and Talking Heads.

Their 1986 album "Liberty Belle and the Black Diamond Express" is my other
personal favourite.  During their touring in Australia for this album they
became a five piece and it was about this time that I saw them the most.
This is possibly why it is a favourite of mine.  This album contains
classics like Spring Rain, The Wrong Road, Twin Layers of Lightning, Head
Full of Steam and Apology Accepted.  It is with this album that the band
begins their true love of the lush pop song - possibly their trademark.

Their 1987 album "Tallulah" has some wonderful moments including Right Here
and Bye Bye Pride - possibly my all time favourite Go-B's song.

Their 1989 album "16 Lover Lane" also has some great moments on it including
Love Goes On, Streets of your Town, I'm Alright and Dive for Your Memory.
Due to conflict within the band this proved to be their last album.

The last time I saw the whole Go-Betweens perform was in April 1989 in
Sydney as they were  supporting REM on their first tour to Australia (as a
part of their Green World Tour).  The night remains as my favourite all time
show.  It was brilliant - both REM and the GoB's.  They toured some of the
world supporting REM and played a couple of return shows in Sydney towards
the end of 1989 which unfortunately I missed.  News broke of the band
breaking up just after Christmas 1989.  The band did not make the 90's.  The
fact I can still remember when they broke up indicates how great a shock it
was to me at the time.

I suppose the best of collections are the best place to start but there are
too many great songs missing from those albums.  The 1978-1990 best of (now
deleted) contains many early singles and B sides and is good from that
perspective.  Bella Vista Terrace is good but could have been better.

Sorry to rave on like this but this is a topic I could go on with for weeks.

My recommendation would be to firstly get Liberty Belle and the Black
Diamond Express or Spring Hill Fair.  Both are fantastic.


Alan Llewellyn
Sydney Australia

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> Had the pleasure of seeing 3/4 of the Go Betweens recently.  At a gig at
> Fez in NY billed as Forster and McLennan (the two principals), they
> a handfull of numbers backed by the Go Betweens' bassist, and Will Rigby
> snare drum.  They sounded great, and the audience reaction was
> I would not be surprised to see a full fledged GB reunion in the future.
> As for which of their LPs is best, I say just dive in.  They started
> with kind of a Talking Heads feel, and evolved toward a more lush sound.
> their songs were always strong, no matter what the era.
> - Jeff Strell
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