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Re: (TV) Rest in Peace Peter Laughner......

Maurice Rickard <maurice@greenmarketplace.com> wrote:
> I can agree in a way--particularly with the Beefheart (I'm cheating 
> here: David has professed his admiration of Mr. Van Vliet many 
> times)

There's a real Beefheartedness to Ubu's determination to evoke a
mood or feeling rather than playing all the "correct" notes at the
proper times.  This is often on purpose to make things more disturbing
rather than any sort of amateurness on the part of either band.

> Maybe you have to be from the rust belt to identify 
> with their otherworldy creepiness, but they do it for me.

I lived in Pittsburgh for a couple of years ('79-'81) which is when
I learned about Pere Ubu, Tin Huey, the Waitresses and such.  I have
a copy of the Akron compilation relelased by Stiff all those years
ago, and the scratch-n-sniff cover still evokes the wonderful smell
of downtown Akron!

> Historical period Ubu was definitely the band that could 
> gene-splice pop and the sound of heavy industry (not the musical 
> genre, but the actual kind that makes things).

For me the height of this is "Worlds In Collision."  On the one hand
it's a slickly produced rock-pop record (Ubu actually gets enough time
in a real studio!), and on the other hand it's got these... sounds.
There's a dropped bottle (or something) at the end of one of the songs
that's the *perfect* use of a sound effect (for lack of a better term)
in music.

Some Ubu fans don't like WIC as much as other albums because of its
more polished sound, but Dave was quoted as being really happy to finally
get the sound he wanted recorded without worrying about limitations,
whether technical or whatever.  It took a while, but it's my favorite
UBU album.

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