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Re: (TV) Rest in Peace Peter Laughner......

Maurice Rickard <maurice@greenmarketplace.com> wrote:
> Then there's the Five, Carsickness, the Cardboards, Dress Up As 
> Natives.... I could go on, but I'll spare the list.

Ahhh, faves.  I knw folks in both the Five and Carsickness.  I once
crashed on Arch's (Hans) floor!  I've kept in touch with Chris Konigsburg
via email off an on over the years.  I was involved with WRCT, CMU's
radio station, as were a bunch of people from those 2 bands.

I always loved the Five's anatomical dissection illustrations.  I've
got a Five story as well, but it's not terribly exciting.

And I still have my copy of "Shooting Above The Garbage!"

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