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Re: (TV) Rest in Peace Peter Laughner......

>At 2:03 PM -0500 1/14/00, SCOTT ALDRICH wrote:
>>Hi Ray and all,
>>I'm a new fan of Peter and Ubu, just early Ubu thus far, and I spent last
>>night listening to Humor Me, both the Modern Dance version and the live,
>>single version from Terminal Tower. I listened to the lyrics, particularly
>>Dave Thomas spurting out "it's just a joke, man" with rage, and thinking
>>about the disgust he must have felt at Peter's demise. Intensely moving, and
>>Tom Herman's guitar is great. Non-Alignment Pact has stirring guitar as
>>well. Pere Ubu and Wire are two seminal bands that I've really responded to
>>lately, they have a similar avant-garage appeal, as does early Television of
>>Little Johnny Jewel and the like. Also lately a friend turned me onto
>>Beefheart's early 80's "Doc at the Radar Station" which has a similar
>>sensibility, twisted visionary guitar music. You can really hear the lineage
>>of Ubu, even a bit of Hell and Patti Smith (in terms of kindred
>>poet/rockers). Anyone else agree?

    It's ironic that Scott pointed out Beefheart's "Doc At The Radar
on which Beefheart wrote the song "Ashtray Heart" to Pere Ubu and what he
their "lack of originality and for plagerizing his songs". These are
words not mine. I haven't listened to the song in years I do remember that
lyrics were quite venomous for Beefheart. Apparently he was really pissed
when someone played him the Pere Ubu stuff and this was how he reacted.M T C
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