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Re: (TV) Rest in Peace Peter Laughner......

Always was a huge Bizarro's fan! The Mercury was supposed to be the 3rd LP on
Blank Records (the other 2 being The Modern Dance & the 1st Suicide Commandos
LPs). Nick of the Bizarros owned Clone Records, which was also home of Tin
Huey, the 1st Rubber City Rebels stuff & the Bowling Balls From Hell
compilations. I like the stuff the Bizarros did on Clone rather than the
remakes on Mercury, my fave being Lady Dubonette. The problem with Clone is
they did "7 331/3  EPs, meaning the fidelity was pretty bad.
   If all you've heard by Tin Huey is the Warner Bros. LP, the stuff on Clone
is much better, more strange, showing the Huey's main influence of Canterbury
bands (the 1st time I ever saw them was back in '74 opening up for Caravan).
When Chris Butler joined the band, he made them sound slick in the studio (plus
that major label stuff).
  As far as Peter Laughner making only 1 good LP (& it's a double album), he
never even made a single LP. The only recordings that came out during his
lifetime was the 1st 2 Ubu 45s - 30 Seconds Over Tokyo, Heart Of Darkness,
Final Solution & My Dark Ages are a good enough legacy for anyone. The 1st LP
didn't come out until '82, 5 years after his death.

Gary Mollica

Eric Gregory wrote:

> speaking of akron bands, anyone remember the bizarros??
> (they have a song or 2 on the aforementioned stiff comp)...i own a cassette
> of their sole mercury record...it's ok...one great song..."young girls at
> market"...very nyc sounding (ie. lou reed-influenced).
> also dug the human switchboard alot...especially "who's landing in my
> hangar?"
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