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Re: (TV) Conversation starter

Currently play-list:

Jeff Buckley-Son of the starsailor (boot)
Velvets-Loaded(2cd Rhino)/VU
D.Bowie-Stage 1- Hurling disdain (boot)
Pere Ubu-Modern Dance / Datapanik
Arto Lindsay-Prize(please give this wonderful record a chance folks!!!!)
Portishead-Sour times
Massive attack-Teardrop.
1st four Roxy Music classics-(new,fantastically re-mastered cds)
Unconditionally Guaranted 2000 (no1)-free cd with UNCUT magazine(their cds
are always ace folks, try 'em!)
Beefheart-Clear spot
Broadcast-Echo is answer.
Beck-Midnite Vultures (half good/half absolute "written in the studio in ten
minutes" garbage-starting to think "mutations" was a fluke.....)
Glenn Gould-Goldberg Variations(yes folks i took the plunge-not sure what to
make of it yet..)
Classical 2-New Generation.
Cousteau-Last good day of the year.
Public Enemy-911 is a joke.
Amjad Ali Khan-live at Cabella Ligure,Italy-(out-of-this-world indian sarod
player soon to appear at Festival Hall,London next month).

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