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(TV) Marquee Moon Promo Posters For Sale/Only Ones on Cover NME '79

Title: Marquee Moon Promo Posters For Sale/Only Ones on Cover NME '79
   Hello One & All,

    This is a pretty rare event for us and one that normally I would just deal
with in my store. However, I know that several of you are looking for this
particular poster. I have exactly 2 for sale. There are 2 different gradings.
One is VG++ with a few creases here and there, but nothing that I'd consider
to be an eyesore. This one is $60. The second one is not as nice but still
quite desirable. If any of you have been in my store, it's the one that's been
hanging on my wall in the frame since the stores inception. This one is $45.00.
The approximate size is 25" x 26". I just received 3 from California through
someone I do trading with. They were not cheap and to be quite frank, I'm not
really making a hell of a profit here. I don't even care because this list has been
a great outlet for me and the store and this is one way that I can give something back.
I'm working on getting a couple of Adventure posters. Hopefully within the next few
months. I'll announce them the same way. The other thing is that with all the talk
of the Only Ones, I also got in an NME from 3/17/79 with Peter and John on the
cover. It's in really nice condition and it's $15.00 .

    So again, the first 2 emails that I receive off of the list get's the posters and the
NME obviously is the first claimant. Thanks all.
Michael T. Carlucci
Subterranean Records
5 Cornelia Street
New York, NY 10014