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Re: (TV) Conversation starter..TPE

Hi all,
        I'd really like to thank Eric,Cliff,Keith and Maurice for the recent
kind comments
about That Petrol Emotion.I'm very proud and humbled to see the band
being discussed on the TV list as I know you're a very discerning lot.
For those of who didn't know already I was a founder member and one of the
guitar players/songwriters.
We loved the
Stooges/TV/MC5/Beefheart/Costello/Nuggets/Isley Bros/James Brown/War/Can and
nicked freely from them all...!
We made five lps (three on major labels) and 16 singles between 1985 and
1994.Our studio work unfortunately never did us justice for the most part -
we were always at our best in a live gig situation.
A posthumous cd of our last two ever shows will def. surface later in the
year and a best of-fingers crossed-in 2001...i hope they will be enjoyed by
all those who get to hear them...I had a riot being involved in 'em!!!
I have already said too much but if anyone wants to contact me off-list i'd
be more than happy to speak further on the subject or answer any quieries.

Cheers,   Raymond/Reamann.

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>becos of all this talk yesterday, i dug out my cassette of MANIC POP THRILL
>last nite & played the damn thing twice...it's really a fantastic record.
>one of the better to come out of the 80s, i think...& i thought the guitars
>sounded great...razor-sharp.
>makes me wanna get a cd copy.
>Eric S. Gregory
>IVR Assistant
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>Regarding That Petrol Emotion - as of writing, one person on this
>list is keeping very quiet while his band is being discussed. Come
>in ***, time to reveal yourself :-)))
>They were a great band who should have had a lot more success.
>Marc Bolan 1947-1977 A Chronological History by Cliff McLenehan
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