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Re: (TV) Sweet's picks for guitar, guitarists make a difference

I knew my hypothetical ordering of the three gods of New York might arouse 
some interest!  I did that deliberately, actually  ;-).  It's a funny 
thing... as a struggling crap guitarist myself, I look at Verlaine and Quine 
and say "Jesus, these guys are incredible," but dismiss entirely the idea 
that I could ever competently mimic their work, especially the lead parts.  
With Lloyd though, I tend to think," what a great part he plays there -- 
fucking perfect -- I wish I knew TO play that!"  which to me is quite a 
different proposition from "I wish I COULD play that."   Esoteric distinction 
perhaps, but one I find myself making all the time.
To be honest, Tom Verlaine is like Paganini to me -- an absolute virtuoso, 
and with apologies to Andy Gill, hands down my favorite rock instrumentalist 
ever.  But I still want to sound like Lloyd!  Odd?  probably....


n a message dated 01/28/2000 11:39:47 AM Central Standard Time, 
scott.aldrich@worldnet.att.net writes:

> I agree it would be a better world if Sweet had made those choices(and more
>  appropriate, since he has used 2 out of 3 on his own records - not to
>  disparage the ones he did choose, of course, they're great to be sure),  
>  I'm just curious, you'd put Lloyd on top of Quine and Verlaine? I think
>  Lloyd's a great player, no doubt, but I would argue he has not had as
>  profound an impact on lead guitar as either Verlaine or Quine. I love his
>  playing (been listening to "Alchemy" and Sweet's "Altered Beast" all day
>  today in fact-great stuff), but when I hear Tom or Quine, to me they sound
>  like almost noone else. What do you think?
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