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Re: (TV) Sweet's picks for guitar, guitarists make a difference


I agree with you about rhythm guitarists. I remember an interview with
Lennon when he claimed "Well, I play a mean rhythm guitar" as if it
meant something - and it does. Keith Richards springs to mind, too.

Re. Verlaine, I was reading through the "Ask Richard" section on Tom's
site the other day and, in one of the replies, Lloyd points out that
Verlaine was/is a terrific rhythm guitarist - one of the best, I think
he said. He also said that he and Verlaine often got credit for each
other's work on the Television stuff, so ...who knows..



In message <6F916C7B1D3BD21194FE00805FA7E47A0976B370@exchange1bg2>, Eric
Gregory <egregory@standard.com> writes
>i'd say lloyd deserves a hell of a lot of credit for not being afraid to
>play a mean rhythm guitar & to play support to verlaine,,,same goes for ivan
>alotta the verlaine/quine/n young/r thompson-inspired "lead" guitarists i've
>known & played with never seem to grasp the idea that the rhythm is the
>not accusing verlaine or quine (esp. not quine) of perpetual doodling, but
>it seems they've spawned legions of said lead men. 

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