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Re: (TV) Keith, Sterling, and Fred "Sonic" Smith

>Without the album in front of me, I can't remember who plays
>what solos on "Back in the USA", and I'm a little foggy on
>which solo accompanies what song...but the solos for things
>like "Looking at You" (just a trembly note by note ascension
>of a minor scale, but played as though the earth was
>exploding) just amaze me. How can you explain the majestry
>of guitar playing like that to the standard "Hendrix/Clapton
>are the greatest" believers?

    very easily, those trills and pull off's that Kramer does are a cheap
attempt at being a speed demon. Those are fundamental tricks that every
guitarist learns. No more interesting than say, Alvin Lee
or Mark farner from Grand Funk. Wayne is/was a one trick pony. He used those
trills and pull off's to death. Give me Fred "Sonic" Smith anyday. Not even 
remotely close to the vibratos of Green, Hendrix, and even Richard Lloyd.
If you listen to Wayne Kramer, he has no vibrato in his guitar playing. In
essence, if you have no vibrato you're nothing. The vibrato is everything
and is what distinguishes one guitar player from the next. Otherwise, how
they all fall in? M T C
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