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Re: (TV) Chris Spedding

    Actually if you want to hear Spedding at his most inventive playing,
check out John Cale's "Helen Of Troy" and "Slow Dazzle" LP's. Some of the
wildest playing on both sides of the Atlantic. I once saw the pair do a
show at the now defunct Lonestar Cafe on Broadway & E. 12th Street. Spedding
shoed up with a Fender Champ( w/10" speaker), Les Paul Junior, a 6 foot
long patch chord and a flask filled with who knows what. The sound was 
incredible. Youd've thought he was playing through 2 Fender Twins.
Not to mention that I saw both sets and his solos weren't even remotely
close. It was 2 different approaches to the songs. That was the beauty of
watching those 2 play together. No 2 sets were ever exactly the same. They'd
just stare at one another like two googoo eyed lovers and play their asses
off. From what I know now, Spedding is working for some Canadian Label doing
Lost In The Vaults Series. I tried to get Tom to do something with his guy.
The guy wanted to release Little Johnny Jewel, plus the Eno demos and
else was around. Tom was not into it then, nor is he now. The label is Other
People's Music out of Toronto. They're suppose to be releasing unreleased
Levon(Helm) & The Hawks which was what Spedding was working on when I heard
about his position with the label. M T C
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>Date: Wed, Feb 2, 2000, 3:02 PM

>The Man!
>For a really great Chris Spedding album, check out The Sharks' third
>album, "Like a Black Van Parked on a Dark Curve" (short, over-
>enthusiastic review on the site under "Lost Albums").
>The Only man to have played with Bryan Ferry, Tom Waits AND (though this
>may not mean much to our U.S. friends) The Wombles!
>Keith Allison
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