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(TV) NYC 70's punk museum - The Orphans

Title: Verlaine talks About Adventure
Something I've always wondered is who were The Orphans.
They were a band I saw once at Dingwalls in London, they were advertised as something like the latest punk sensation from New York and I nver heard of the magain.
Anybody, Michael, Philip ? ever heard of them
Jeremy (UK)
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Sent: Thursday, February 03, 2000 12:21 AM
Subject: (TV) Verlaine talks About Adventure

   Philip & I are finally at work on the NYC 70's Punk Museum. In among my
mess of ephemera is a press kit for Adventure. Here's what Tom has to say
track by track. Enjoy it. There's lots of stuff like this to come up in the
future. Watchout for the Hell era bio sheets with interviews from all members.

1. Glory- Was written on 2 cassette recorders with pencils as drums. Used an empty
    room as an echo chamber We had to keep stopping and waiting for the rain to let up
    because the room had a leak in the ceiling. An easy R & R tune, we got it down in a
    couple of hours.

2. Days - Comes out of the early Byrds sound. Guitar parts are a little like Mr.
    Tambourine Man played backward. Lrics were written in Sweden on our last tour.

3. Foxhole- It's been in our repitoire for the last two years, but didn't make the
                 first LP. It's a dirty violent number. The solos were done in one take.

4. Careful- Been doing this one for 3 or 4 years. Fans always ask why we didn't record it.
                 Sounds like the Ventures, the way it's recorded. (Cab Calloway liked it. He was
                 recording in the same studio and stopped by)

5. Carried Away- First piece I wrote primarily on Keyboards. It was amost like an improvi-
                           sation. The early 60's vibrato guitar has a very watery flavor.

6. The Fire- The weird organ sound is an ondioline invented by a Frenchman in the 40's.
                  It's a 36 note instrument that can quiver a note by shaking the key. The song
                 is influenced by an old album "Music From The Twilight Zone". Another strange
                 sound is a switchblade knife bowing the strings on the intro. The lyrics are the
                story of 2 people whose interior experience suddenly matches up with the world
                around them. It's difficult to explain.

7. Ain't That Nothin'- written on piano a week before we went into the studio. It was originally
                                about someone I use to know, but now it's not. It was 12 minutes long
                                but faded it @ 5-1/2 minutes.(Oooohhhh! where is the rest)

8. The Dreams Dream- It's based on a melody that Fred & I did. Another thing we found on
                                   an old cassette. It was the last song we recorded. We rehearsed it
                                   on a Sunday, recorded it on a Monday. The strange sliding instrument
                                  is an upright bass; the crashing sound at the end is a gong being dropped
                                 into a tub of water. The song was developed in the studio. It only has
                                 8 lines. It didn't seem to need alot of lyrics, just the right ones.