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Re: (TV) Good guitarists, bad bands

In defense of Eric Clapton, the boring songwriter, it should be noted that he
did produce "Layla," a double album of perhaps the most passionate songs of
unrequited love in history.  Maybe he burned himself out on that one.  But,
for those of us who have laid back moods and don't want to listen to "Take It
Easy," E.C.'s "461 Ocean Blvd" LP will do just fine, thanks.  During his tour
of that record, at the Nassau Coliseum, I remember standing on my seat and
screaming -- in protest -- "Play Some R&R!!!!"  But I was just a dumb kid. 
Sorry, Eric.

And that blues tour a few years back was a slow burn. 

And at that Sheryl Crow thing in Central Park, he MADE A MISTAKE (!!!) on the
power chords in "White Room."  So he's not God.

Just good.

- Jeff Strell

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