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Re: (TV) Good guitarists, bad bands

>Yes, but did he use Vibrato?

    Not only did/does Beck use a vibrato, but in my opinion, the B E S T
vibrato I've ever heard. He could shake walls, clean out your ears, and
levitate you with one long sustained vibratoed note. 

    So as not to take too much of a ribbing with this vibrato thing let me
try to put it in layman's terms for all to understand better where I'm
from. There are guitarists, who like rodeo performers take their guitars for
a ride, 
they are the ones who are in command of their instrument, while there are
guitarists who let their guitars take them for a ride and cannot control
the instrument. Weak vibratos, and unresolved bad notes are 2 sure signs
of a weak guitarist. Quine and Verlaine are genius at resolving bad notes 
so that it sounds as though it was done on purpose and may very well have
I can think of(relax, but won't mention) at least 5 "alternative" guitar
heroes who let their guitars take them for a messy ride. And yet, I am
at how many people are in awe of such playing. I don't get it. The only
player that ever did it for me out of that whole scene was J Mascis of
Jr. He reminded me of Tom Verlaine with the volume of Jimi Hendrix. And if
Barton and Bob from Translator are a part of the "Alternative" scene, then
get my vote of approval as well. Other than that, too many unresolved, weak 
vibrato-ed notes for my taste. Now can I be left alone to my vibrato shaken
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