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Re: (TV) Good guitarists, bad bands

I agree that Layla is a very good record. But I believe you forgot that Duane
Allman is really what makes that album sing. I am not by any stretch of the
imagination an Allman Bros. fan but Duane did have a very passionate lyrical
side, i.e. " In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed".
As far as love is concerned I suggest you listen to  any Richard Thompson disc,
Gershwin's "Porgy and Bess," Cole Porter, etc. The list of can go on and on.
Take a listen; you may never be the same.
Clapton's discs such as "461..." are the beginning of the end for him. The songs
whine, the guitars are boring and the over all effect is insipid.
Clapton has always been served better by working with a strong companion, i.e.
Jack Bruce, D. Allman.
Sorry, but I think the guy has just taken up too much musical real estate for my
taste. But then he is not too threatening, not rebellious, not too flashy, not
too exciting. I think the corporate world loves that kind of an artist. Anyone
for Velveeta??
Just my thoughts.

Jeff Strell wrote:

> In defense of Eric Clapton, the boring songwriter, it should be noted that he
> did produce "Layla," a double album of perhaps the most passionate songs of
> unrequited love in history.  Maybe he burned himself out on that one.  But,
> for those of us who have laid back moods and don't want to listen to "Take It
> Easy," E.C.'s "461 Ocean Blvd" LP will do just fine, thanks.  During his tour
> of that record, at the Nassau Coliseum, I remember standing on my seat and
> screaming -- in protest -- "Play Some R&R!!!!"  But I was just a dumb kid.
> Sorry, Eric.
> And that blues tour a few years back was a slow burn.
> And at that Sheryl Crow thing in Central Park, he MADE A MISTAKE (!!!) on the
> power chords in "White Room."  So he's not God.
> Just good.
> - Jeff Strell
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