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Re: (TV) jon langford;great Welshmen;it's been quiet

'by a stretch'!! now there's a pun.
Thanks to all who replied. Guess they're  probably not going to be as good
as the Mekons or the wonderful Three Johns but' as everyone seems to agree,
Langford has always been great to watch.
He actually came from a small town up the road called Cwmbran so he's played
Newport lots of times over the years in various bands. Didn't know about
Stephen Goulding in the band--that's a bonus--remember seeing him in the

Actually for anyone that's interested, we often mention Roir because of The
Blow Out....I recommend the live tape they did of The Mekons--well worth
getting if you can find it. Also I always thought the Bad Brains tape that
roir issued was the best thing the band did as well.


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> hello all,
> For all of you who don't live in Chicago (I assume all of you who do
> know), do yourselves a favor and see the Waco Brothers when they come your
> way. Frontman Jon Langford, founder of the Mekons, is a force to be
> with, and the band rocks. They play, as stated earlier here, a cow-punk
> hybrid, think the Clash meets Crazy Horse. Plus, the Wacos and the Mekons
> both share drummer Steve Goulding as well, one of the greatest rock
> ever, and who has played on some of the most amazing tunes recorded in the
> last 25 years (Graham Parker & the Rumour, "Watching The Detectives",
> Of The City", as well as the Mekons "Rock 'N Roll" album and Jon
> "Skull Orchard"). Goulding has great taste, too. Meeting him recently, we
> discussed our mutual love for Television! He said Billy Ficca's playing
> Tom was as Mitch Mitchell with Jimi-they were meant for each other.
> Langford was a university mate in Leeds with Gang of Four and was in the
> first incarnation before forming the Mekons. He's truly one of the great
> Welshmen, along with Tom Jones, John Cale, Dusty Springfield, & Dave
> Edmunds. He has another distinction in rock and roll history as well.
> There's a woman, living in Detroit, I believe, who took it upon herself to
> make plaster casts of the manhoods of all of the rock stars she has
> befriended. The winner, by a yard, Jimi Hendrix. First runner up, by a
> stretch, Jon Langford.
> in regards to how quiet it's been, Philip and I checked out Bibi Farber's
> band this weekend in the East Village. They rocked, great two guitar sound
> between her and Bob Bannister. Local singer/songwriter Patti Rothberg
> Bibi on some newer cuts. Great power pop songs. We gotta get more people
> check her out, all you in the city, come on. Michael Olcsvary was there,
> he lives in Jersey!
> See you,
> Scott
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