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Re: (TV) jon langford;great Welshmen;it's been quiet

Scott wrote:

He has another distinction in rock and roll history as well.
>There's a woman, living in Detroit, I believe, who took it upon herself to
>make plaster casts of the manhoods of all of the rock stars she has
>befriended. The winner, by a yard, Jimi Hendrix. First runner up, by a
>stretch, Jon Langford.

Cynthia PlasterCaster! She's a -very- cool lady, very down-to-earth and
sweet, and she lives in Chicago.
The Chicago Reader ran a story about her on the front page of the music
section a year or two ago, with photos of her and her "babies" as she calls
them; I believe Langford's was the one she choseto pose most closely with.
It is impressive, and I think to say Hendrix wins 'by a yard' is a bit of
an exaggeration. But then the art form kind of lends itself to that.


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