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Re: (TV) Record junkies

    Okay, why is Slow Dazzle ever so briliant let me count the ways.
Eno and Chris Spedding are both on it. There's a song that's a
tribute to Brian Wilson "Mr. Wilson" that's simply beautiful. You
know those types of songs that make the hair on your neck stand?
Venus does that for me too. Then there's Phil Manzanera on guitar
as well. He does an amazing rendition of Elvis' "Heartbreak Hotel"
where you can really feel the despair. There's the brilliant pop
side and then the maniacal chaotic side which has a certain beauty
as well. Yo''' not be disappointed. Do you like Cale's "Fear" LP?
How about "Paris 1919" ? Slow Dazzle is these two LP's rolled into
one. I recommend it. Anyone else? M T C

BTW, Scott I hope you didn't mind me telling everyone your purchases of
the day.
>From: Maurice Rickard <mrickard@greenmarketplace.com>
>To: tv@obbard.com
>Subject: (TV) Record junkies
>Date: Sat, Feb 19, 2000, 9:33 PM

>Okay, Scott, what do you think of the Grape?  Definitely got that
>pre-Verlaine thing happening from Jerry Miller, doesn't it?
>What's the deal with Slow Dazzle, Mike?  I haven't heard it.   Tell me
>why it's brilliant so I can get stoked about finding it. 
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>On Sat, 19 Feb 2000, MICHAEL CARLUCCI wrote:
>> Oh yeah, then our own Scott Aldrich was in
>> and made two out of print purchases, Moby Grape's 1st LP and John Cale's
>> ever brilliant Slow Dazzle LP. Both long gone and out of print.
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