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Re: (TV) Slow Dazzle/Heartbreak Hotel

A bunch of great tracks on WRONG WAY UP - "One Word", "Lay My Love" (which I
heard in a "Northern Exposure" rerun recently), "Spinning Away", and "Cordoba",
to name a few. Also worthy on inclusion was a b-side called "Grandfather's
House" on the "One Word" CD single (sung by Cale, and featured on his 1995 solo
tour), and the truly fanastic "The Soul of Carmen Miranda" which Cale and Eno
did for Cale's WORDS FOR THE DYING and is really a prototype for the whole WWU
collaboration. Great stuff.


--- Joe Hartley <jh@brainiac.com> wrote:
> I must say that John Cale's been a fave of mine for a loooong time.
> One of my top 3 albums of all time is the Eno/Cale "Wrong Way Up."
> Just magnificent.  I'd always hoped for another collaboration with
> these 2, but when I read about the acrimony in making WWU, I realized
> it wasn't going to happen.  Too bad, but at least we have the one!

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