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Re: (TV) Pere Ubu's DUB HOUSING

Hi Mark,

Glad you like it. It's definitely not initially catchy by any means, but again,
I've heard nothing like it - it's like music from another planet - and I find
it compelling enough to play over and over and over and over... "I think about
you all the time..."

Be sure to check out the complete Ubu lyrics at http://www.projex.demon.co.uk/
(which seems to be down right now, though). I never realized that a line in
"Life Stinks" was "I like the Kinks".


--- maxbiz <maxbiz@email.msn.com> wrote:
> Took Philip's advice and checked this one out - not an easy listen if you
> are new to Pere Ubu (like me),but I keep going back to it-always a good sign
> These guys are definitely like nobody else.
> first 2 tracks & Ubu dance party early favorites

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