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(TV) Gung Ho, Quicksilver

Tom's guitar on Patti's new album reminds me of his rhythmic playing on
"Red Leaves". Patti's  new music seems more psychedelic than usual.
There's a song called "Grateful", possibly inspired by Oliver Ray's love
for the Dead.

Tom said that critics used to call Television "the Grateful Dead of
Manhattan" probably because of the slow rambling improvisational
tendencies. Tom has confessed to studying the styles of Hendrix, Steve
Cropper, Roky Ericson, and even Glen Campbell (he still loves 'Wichita
Lineman") but not the style of Jerry Garcia.

I think Tom sounds more like John Cipollina than anyone else. When I
first heard "Marquee Moon" I was reminded of an album in my boyfriend's
record collection called "Quicksilver Messenger Service". It's one of my
favorite albums. Cipollina and Verlaine were both Coltrane fans. which
could explain the similarity.

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