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Re: (TV) Gung Ho, Quicksilver

    Absolutely correct all the way around. In fact there's a new song on the
Gung Ho LP called "China Bird", the Dead have a song called "China Cat".
Garcia died Patti picked up the "Live Dead" LP and did a version of Black
I believe the track is. Yes too, all those Dead comparisons that TV use to
in a way made sense, though at the time I had no use for the Dead nor could
accept the comparisons. Once getting over that barrier I could understand it
though I always felt there was more of a Byrds meets Velvet Underground
happening. I hope I didn't give the impression that the guitar solo on
In Their Eyes" is not a good solo. It is a good solo, it's only that it
could've been played by anyone who can play well like a Lenny Kaye, Richard
Lloyd, Quine, et.al. I think  Philip and I were both expecting to hear Tom's
signature sound or lick that would tell us that "Hey, that's Tom Verlaine".
If Arista puts some muscle behind this LP it could do well. Gil Norton has
definitely brought Patti Smith into the 90's/new millenium. Stand out tracks
beside "Glitter" are "Gone Pie" and "Persuasion". Persuasion was co-written
by Fred "Sonic" Smith and is an outtake from the "Dream Of Life" LP. Patti's
17 year old son Jackson plays the guitar solo on this track. Tom was blown
away by the solo. The kid's been playing 2-1/2 years and he's a monster
guitarist. His got long fingers much like his dad. He's unbelievable. It's
scary to think how great he'll be in just another year. The LP is worth
out just for his solo alone. Though the entire LP is her best since Wave
and Dream Of Life. M T C
>Tom's guitar on Patti's new album reminds me of his rhythmic playing on
>"Red Leaves". Patti's  new music seems more psychedelic than usual.
>There's a song called "Grateful", possibly inspired by Oliver Ray's love
>for the Dead.
>Tom said that critics used to call Television "the Grateful Dead of
>Manhattan" probably because of the slow rambling improvisational
>tendencies. Tom has confessed to studying the styles of Hendrix, Steve
>Cropper, Roky Ericson, and even Glen Campbell (he still loves 'Wichita
>Lineman") but not the style of Jerry Garcia.
>I think Tom sounds more like John Cipollina than anyone else. When I
>first heard "Marquee Moon" I was reminded of an album in my boyfriend's
>record collection called "Quicksilver Messenger Service". It's one of my
>favorite albums. Cipollina and Verlaine were both Coltrane fans. which
>could explain the similarity.
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