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Re: (TV) Re: TV guitar.....

It is kind of odd. Tom apparently has used a lot of different guitars in the studio--check out the article on Dreamtime somewhere on the rivethed site. He talks about using (IIRC) mostly Jaguars on that one. I'm not sure what point I have in bringing this up--it could either support "he's not attached to it; it's just one of many" or "he may not have used this one on MM and Adventure." Go figure.

And, as you say, it is the player, too--he sounded like himself in Columbus with the Strat (although there wasn't the distortion edge because of the low volume)...


At 5:36 PM +0000 3/22/00, Raymond wrote:
I just can't believe V. is
willing to sell this guitar-money matters aside it just has so much
history...plus it sounds so good ..it's an integral part of his signature

At the end of the day though it's just a bit of wood isn't it?    ; )
it's the person playing it and what they invest it with that gives it its

Maurice Rickard
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