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Re: (TV) Jazzmastermania one more time

Mike, every now and then one of your posts shows up as HTML.  I see you
use Outlook Express for Mac on at least one machine.  Can you please go into
the Options and turn this off?  I usually ignore such email because it's
hard to read om my machine.  To wit:

<TITLE>Jazzmastermania one more time</TITLE>
 &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;After re-reading the description on eBay I think it's really mis-leading the <BR>
way it spells out &quot; This is <B><I><U>THE</U></I></B> guitar used on the band's now classic Elektra recordings<BR>
 &quot;Marquee Moon&quot; and &quot;Adventure,&quot; and many of Mr. Verlaine's solo recordings. As<BR>
with the Tom Thompson story, Tom will, to his death, deny that he has anything to<BR>
do with this. I can't believe that Guitar Bar would jeopardize their relations with<BR>
people who've grown to trust them. But if anyone carefully analyzes the situation<BR>
and does their homework, they're going to find out that this wasn't THE guitar, perhaps<BR>
one of, but certainly not THE. And if they ask around they'll also find that the main<BR>
guitar that was used has some serious pick-up problems. Has anyone been able to<BR>
find this particular guitar in any photographs before or after Television? With all of the<BR>
photos that Alex and I have we still can't find a single one. Not live or studio. M T C


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