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(TV) RE: Tom Verlaine '87 (was Your "soul" music)

was this tape Quasimodo, Berlin, 4/3/87 ?

(set list is:Rotation/Souvenir From A Dream/Dissolve-Reveal/Bomb/The 
Scientist Writes A Letter/Penetration/Swim/Clear It Away/Kingdom 
Come/Marquee Moon/Glory/Psychotic Reaction/Red Leaves )

If it is, I agree, its a great show - released as a "commercial" bootleg 
called "Glory"

If your tape is not this show, please contact me off-list.


On 05 April 2000 16:50, bedwellm@WellsFargo.COM 
[SMTP:bedwellm@WellsFargo.COM] wrote:
> I just listened to a Tom Verlaine tape from around '87 in Berlin that is
> breathtaking. He covers everything. The guitar playing is so way beyond
> sound. Just on huge interference pattern. Shards of sound instead of
> rhythms....
> Regards,
> Micah
> N.P. "Live Evil" by Miles Davis

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