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Re: (TV) "live" music

Raymond wrote:
   It really has to be said that the best  modern dance music takes a hell of a
   lot more chances than "rock" music ever does any more and that is why one is
   flourishing and the other is floundering and why we spend most of our time
   on this list talking about groups from years ago and not bands of today...

i think that rock & roll might only be floundering in the mass audience
eyescope.....every town/city in america has a few cranium-splitting rock & roll
acts playing out live on a regular basis & some even have decent recordings
(albeit with limited distribution) to match.
thing about rock & roll (i don't wanna say ROCK) is that i think it's always
been about immediacy...not to say technology & invention can't play a part, but
what really constitutes great R&R (suppose i should say in my opinion) is
content in equal parts (sometimes in a deathlock with!) context:
get those words & feelings into that other cat's brain & heart as quickly & as
passionately as you can!
dance music seems to emphasize context...sounds, rhythms (tho i've heard current
r&r bands that can get me shaking a lot faster than any chem bros. tracks),

i do agree that most of the bigger more contemporary rock acts mentioned over
the past coupla days leave me utterly indifferent (stereophonics, oasis,
whatever...i can't even keep track...)...& dance music does seem to have the
edge as far as majors & mass distribution/mass consciousness go.....but get yr
microscopes out....rock & roll is still exploding on smaller landscapes.
& personally i dig the fact that it's underground....in the words of adny
"cos it's so much fun when you can't fit in."

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