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Re: (TV) "live" music-get the microscopes out!!!!

I don't want to give the impression that I'm including all the underground
r&r bands out there in my last diatribe(cos hey I'm in one
myself!)-rather my problem is specifically with these
bland,mediocre,mainstream "acts" (bingo-the perfect description!) who are
currently giving the guitar genre a bad name...maybe as Eric suggests it is
indeed time to ignore the whole lot of them...though it's pretty difficult
when they're getting the hard sell thru every possible media known to man.

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> i think that rock & roll might only be floundering in the mass audience
> eyescope.
> & personally i dig the fact that it's underground....in the words of adny
> shernoff:
> "cos it's so much fun when you can't fit in."

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