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Re: (TV) "live" music-get the microscopes out!!!!

> Hi,
> Here in  Australia, the live music scene is totally dominated by covers
> bands...it started in Perth of all places, in the early 1980's, then
> spread east, like a plague of angry, long haired, stone-wash jean
> wearing locusts. Gold Zeppelin, Sunday Bloody Sunday, Deepest Purple,
> Bjorn Again, nowadays there's a Spice Girls troupe, even Hoodoo Guru's
> had (two!) tributes. I'm awaiting a spate of tributes to  NIN and Limp
> Bizkit, which should occur any week now. There's virtually no room at
> all for original bands anymore.

    I just had to comment on this one. I think that this again is a sign of
the times. People want what they're familiar with and without almost no
deviation. A perfect example is the Stones tours. It seems that Ron Wood's
position is to learn Mick Taylor's parts from the studio LP's almost note
for note. This was not always the case. Especially when it came to the solos
they were always different night after night. Now it's like sitting at home
listening to the LP's, so why bother going. It's really a shame. I'm sure
I'm going to take some abuse for this but I had that same problem with TV's
reunion tour '92. All of the old tracks had that K-Rock feel. Not much
different than the LP versions. The new tracks faired much better. With the
exception of LJJ which Tom played with the end of his guitar jack, I found
it to be interesting. You can hear it on any of the NYC shows from December
'92. People kept calling out for it all night so Tom gave it to them. I
thought it was rather cool. M T C

> Unfortunately, no TV tributes that I am aware of...but would I go see it
> anyway? Probably not...
> Bye,
> Tamsitt
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