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(TV) King Crimson

also a shame they never came close to producing something as good as
Schizoid Man ever again.

(well thats just a personal opinion)


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>     Good point(s)here from Raymond. Nothing like experience, eh? The only
> artist or band that I can think of that had the good sense not to allow
> of the promotional shinnanigans to go on was Robert Fripp and his band
> Crimson. You'll never find a promotional poster or LP for these guys. It
> Fripp's own doing that they didn't want to incur any financial debt to
> Atlantic so no promotion for us thank you. I seem to remember the 1st
> LP(oops! there goes my age) getting tones of airplay on the old WNEW FM
> In The Court of the Crimson King and 21st Century Schizoid Man. I don't
> if the station actually went out and bought the LP or if the label
> themselves sent out the LP at their own expense. I do know that Fripp has
> never incurred any debt for promotional purposes. Hats off to Robert Fripp
> for standing his ground and making a statement, too bad no one else had
> good sense to follow his cue.
>     On the Clive comments. He was always willing to stand behind the
> that he believed in. Lou Reed never made any money for Arista. He had
> artistic freedom and Clive never once threatened to oust him from the
> He believed in Lou and felt that the quality of his work would one day
> people one day take notice. This of course never happened. It was Lou who
> became disgruntled with Arista and asked to be released from his contract.
> recall at one of the many shows Lou did at NYC's Bottom Line, where Lou
> looked Clive in the eyes and asked "Where my money". What money, he never
> sold any records while with Arista. As I recall each LP sold less than the
> one before. I personally am not a big fan of Lou's Arista years. I love
> Street Hassle and for personal reason hold a place in my heart for "Rock &
> Roll Heart" though I wouldn't say that it was up to snuff. Take No
> is a good comedy LP and Growing Up In Public had great lyrics, however,
> Michael Fonfara should not have been allowed to write any music for Lou.
> You'd think after all those years of working with the guy he'd of had some
> sort of idea where Lou was coming from musically. Always one of Lou's
> biggest problems, finding musicians who are sympathetic to Lou's style.
>     Thanks for the space all. M T C
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> > Subject: (TV) Major labels....recent coms
> >
> > Hi all,
> > One of the happiest days of my life was when my former band That
> > Petrol Emotion got dropped from Virgin records (after it was bought out
> > EMI here in the uk).
> > We managed to escape owing a considerable amount of money which we would
> > probably never have been able to pay back anyway-something in the region
> > 1.75 million pounds!-Aaargh!-(though our weekly wage during this whole
> > period was 150 pounds a week each-so no begging letters please!)...
> >
> > The record company will always encourage bands to spend "your"money -for
> > them bigger is ALWAYS better-and then the more in debt you are to them
> > more they think they can tell you what to do.
> > However so much is now spent on publicity,advertising and videos these
> > that even if you do sell a good lot of records you STILL mightn't see
> > money at all-the whole situation is completely crazy...see for example
> > amount of recent successful r&b pop acts who have had to declare
> > bankrupt...
> >
> > I certainly hope in the future that because of the new technology
> > be a fairer deal for artists in general re royalties/splits/back
> > etc which might enable us to to make a "decent" living and continue
> > recording which is all most of us ever want in the first place
> >
> > Artist-friendly guys like Clive Davis seem to be getting pushed out of
> > industry more and more unfortunately these days but I'm certain that
> > return in some form of other and have the last laugh...as someone has
> > already posted already (sorry i can't remember who) the person or
> > who can figure out the best way to move forward now when things are
> > a bit unstable and uncertain will ultimately clean up.
> > Personally i hope the victors will be the people who are prepared to
> > acts over time rather than look for an instant and quick return-it's
> > kind of attitude that is strangling things as they stand....
> >
> > Best...R.
> >
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