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Re: (TV) Major labels....recent coms

As a person on the receiving end of a lot of those promo items in 15 years
of radio, there's another little fact the labels ought to be aware of - they
don't work!  I remember Pat Travers ( I think ) cocaine mirrors, Bangles
bangles ( so help me god ), t-shirts from every act in the book, almost
every one of them uglier than the last ( okay, except for the "Marquee Moon"
t shirt ) - and none of them had the slightest impact on whether or not a
record got added (though we did appreciate the toys).  Of course, I'm
speaking of the days when programming was by gut and not the result of focus
group testing, comparative adds in similar markets, phone surveys, etc. -
long gone now. I'm sure the labels are aware of this, but as Raymond
mentioned, it's just another way for them to keep an act in debt - and it's
a tax write off!  Hey, give that guy in accounting a raise!

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