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Re: (TV) Scary Thought....

There's a lot of NY rock that fills the bill, but in the interests of not
being redundant, I'd have to list:

XTC - English Settlement (Import version only!) and Black Sea
Frank Zappa - One Size Fits All and Hot Rats
R&L Thompson - Shoot Out the Lights
Brian Eno - Another Green World and Before and After Science
King Crimson - Discipline and Beat

I'm on lists for XTC and Crimso and I used to be on the Thompson list,
so I guess the obsession level's about the same.

"Michael Carlucci" <michael@recordsnyc.com> wrote:
>     I'd have to go with my second fave "The Velvet Underground & Nico",
> "Blonde on Blonde", "Horses", "Blank Generation" in that order. New York
> Rock till I drop.

> > From: "Eric Veillette" <eric@home-sick.org>
> > Come to think of it... what album *would* we be nuts about if TV had never
> > existed?

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