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Re: (TV) Scary Thought....

i'd take "highway 61" over "blonde on blonde", definitely "blank generation"...
also the 3rd VU or "loaded" over the 1st.
but also "the blue mask"
& stones' "some girls"
(looks like we're hitting the same artists, just differing records).
also oddly enough, throw in the damned's "black album"
& the saints 2nd "eternally yrs".
& finally, rod stewart's "gasoline alley" AND "never a dull moment".

(but my lord, the list could go on & on & on & on & on....)
Michael Carlucci wrote:

>     I'd have to go with my second fave "The Velvet Underground & Nico",
> "Blonde on Blonde", "Horses", "Blank Generation" in that order. New York
> Rock till I drop.I always get such an electrified feeling listening to
> NY based rock & roll. A feeling that no other music gives me. Outside
> of NY Rock I'd have to say Ronnie Lane's "Anymore for Anymore" LP, Stones
> "Let It Bleed", The Doors first LP, Fairport's "What We Did on Our Holiday"
> and Nick Drake's "Pink Moon". Anyone's else got a list like this? M T C

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