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Re: (TV) Scary Thought....

Same artists, I'll take Bringing It All Back Home, the electric prototype on
side A, the masterpiece acoustic songs on side B. I'll take Let It Bleed,
though Beggars Banquet sometimes edges it out for me (because of the
acoustic stuff), but Between the Buttons is really my perverse favorite, UK
or US (with Flowers as an addendum). The Velvets, I might take "White Light,
White Heat" as another perverse favorite. Other twisted favorites are the
Kinks Face to Face and the Beatles Magical Mystery Tour LP. Mono mixes of
all of the above, thank you. Hendrix Are You Experienced (UK), Burrito Bros.
Gilded Palace of Sin, Elvis Costello's This Year's Model. Blank Generation.
Again, too, too many. Any great Buddy Holly collection, such as 20 Golden
Greats, would do it for me, although it's compiled singles, pre-album
artist, still it's desert island music for me.


>From: eric s gregory <esgregory@uswest.net>
>To: tv@obbard.com
>Subject: Re: (TV) Scary Thought....
>Date: Sat, May 13, 2000, 7:04 PM

> i'd take "highway 61" over "blonde on blonde", definitely "blank
> also the 3rd VU or "loaded" over the 1st.
> but also "the blue mask"
> & stones' "some girls"
> (looks like we're hitting the same artists, just differing records).
> also oddly enough, throw in the damned's "black album"
> & the saints 2nd "eternally yrs".
> & finally, rod stewart's "gasoline alley" AND "never a dull moment".
> there.
> (but my lord, the list could go on & on & on & on & on....)
> Michael Carlucci wrote:
>>     I'd have to go with my second fave "The Velvet Underground & Nico",
>> "Blonde on Blonde", "Horses", "Blank Generation" in that order. New York
>> Rock till I drop.I always get such an electrified feeling listening to
>> NY based rock & roll. A feeling that no other music gives me. Outside
>> of NY Rock I'd have to say Ronnie Lane's "Anymore for Anymore" LP, Stones
>> "Let It Bleed", The Doors first LP, Fairport's "What We Did on Our Holiday"
>> and Nick Drake's "Pink Moon". Anyone's else got a list like this? M T C
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