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Re: (TV) New XTC

    I use to feel the same way about Pearl Jam until I hear this new LP. I'm
stunned that they could make a record this good. I thought that the guitar
solos were pretty mindless, the lyrics pretentious, Eddie Vedder queen
preener. I went into this expecting toscoff and say another pile o' shit.
"Well if that don't buckle my belt" a PJ LP that I like. See, it is possible
to make good records when your ass is up against the wall. And I believe
theirs was. As for the XTC promo, I'm going to stock it starting Monday so
I'll be needing the play copy for a while longer. However, in a few weeks
time send me $3.00 to cover postage and I'll send you the CD. M T C

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> "Michael Carlucci" <michael@recordsnyc.com> wrote:
>> I received an advance copy of the CD from TVT Records. I hadn't heard
>> anything of theirs in a long time. So I gave it a spin. As I was listening
>> to it I kept thinking, "Oh I've heard this or I know this song. Which we all
>> know is impossible because it's a new LP right> Wrong! I heard them all
>> before because every track sounded like something else that XTC had don
>> before. I feel like some jaded old record guy, but I really feel this way.
> Well, if you don't want it, you can always send it off to the address
> below :)
> On the other hand, I can't imagine that there'd be a Pearl Jam record
> I could stand being in the same room as.  Everything about the band,
> from Vedder's voice (it has that same fingernails-on-the-chalkboard
> effect on me as Robert Plant's) to the completely talentless guitarist
> whose name I never bothered to learn completely turns me off.
> I once turned on the radio and punched up a station in the middle
> of playing a live track I didn't know.  I recall vividly how much
> the guitar solo I came in on sucked.  While I am not a great guitar
> player, I easily could have done better than the drek coming out of
> the speakers.  I wondered if the guitarist was drunk, smacked or both.
> Bad notes abounded, almost as if notes were being played at random.
> It turned out to be PJ doing Yellow Ledbetter.  It just reaffirmed my
> prejudice :)
> For my next screed - why I hate Led Zeppelin...
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